The Northern Fire Pentalogy

“The ways of the spirits and the practices of the Gods are plagued with uncertainty … We have been given a glimmer of hope among words of doom. Think of it as a tiny flame in a gale.”

Harbinger launches the Northern Fire pentalogy, a work that explores the role of violence within and among societies, as well as people’s need to adhere to traditions,  believe ancient wisdoms, and give credence to prophesy. It examines questions of identity, loyalty, and belonging while taking the reader on a wild ride.

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“Lora, you’re a great one for solving riddles, but you haven’t solved this riddle. Everything we’ve done has been just like we’d figure someone in a saga should do a thing. A big man comes along and threatens you, pull out your axe and stand up to him. If his housecarls attack, kill them. It’s all very Fjordlander.

“But we need to think like something else.”

The Broken Dream continues the Northern Fire pentalogy and gives the work greater complexity. It lays bare the horrors of violence between peoples and draws contrasts between societal traditions and  learning. Questions of cross-cultural understanding, loyalty, and grief lie at its rich heart. It takes the reader to terrain rarely covered in literature of the fantastic, all the while being a damned-good read.

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“Thwarting Straelish spies is my interest, not yours.”

“When they seek to capture and drag me back to Straeland so that animal can torture me, I have every interest.”

“Granted. But it distresses me that so many of them have died recently. Were they all trying to kidnap you? And did you kill them all?”

The Winter Wars continues the Northern Fire pentalogy. In addition to introducing unforgettable characters from new cultures, it delves into the costs of personal growth. Can bonds, once broken, be healed? Can new bonds replace those that are beyond repair? When do the things we want most in life become our greatest peril? When we take up arms, do we defend our ideals, or, do we advance our personal interests?

Now’s the time to find out … make sure your armour’s buckled.

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“I’m not here to rescue you, I’m here to see you suffer.”

The Rune Slate, due for release in 2023, continues the Northern Fire pentalogy. It takes the saga’s principal characters and places them in greater peril than they have ever faced before, and disunity casts a shadow over their story. It delves into the inevitable conflict that arises when visions clash, when learning slams head-on into superstition, and when the new must overcome the old.

Now’s the time to find out which rune slate Rulla has drawn. Hold your breath.

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The Final Volume

The principal characters return to Fjordland, arriving at a pivotal moment in their nation’s history. The Sea Wolves have fallen on hard times and are extracting brutal tribute from all the clans. Some of these have increased their raiding of their neighbours’ lands, securing slaves, pillaging wealth, and inflicting misery upon misery. Into this situation arrive long-lost sons and daughters as well as exiles hoping to build a new life in a land at peace. More dangerous yet, some of these new arrivals have an audacious vision for what Fjordland might become.

But change can damage established interests and the main characters find themselves embroiled in another winter war, one that will determine whether they ever enjoyed the blessing of the Gods or whether their wyrd lay in ruin and defeat.

Due out in 2024

“A brilliant story of friendship and adventure..”

Caroline Doherty de Novoa

The Maps of Northern Fire

The novels of Northern Fire all include maps of the lands in which the stories occur. However, the restraints of the printed medium mean the maps give little more than an approximate idea of where are main characters are active. Herewith are high-resolution colour versions of all the maps of the lands you’ll encounter in Northern Fire.