The Missing Material


You have landed on this web page from Ian’s newsletter or from one of his letters giving you this web address.

Just to re-cap where you are, this is a page designed to give new material to people who may already have obtained Harbinger, Book One of Northern Fire when Ian released it independently in 2016 for his participation in Moncton’s Frye Festival as a Prélude Emerging Writer.

Now that the Ottawa-based publisher, Lugar Común Editorial, has secured the rights to the Northern Fire series, they looked at all the material and decided to publish the series in five volumes. This means the old edition of Harbinger has been re-released in two volumes: Harbinger; and, The Broken Dream. For the sake of consistency, the first half of the first edition of Harbinger needed an epilogue and the second half of the first edition of Harbinger needed a prologue. You will find them on this page.

So as to refresh your memory prior to delving into this material, you might want to return to Harbinger and re-read Part II, Chapter Five. The new epilogue will appear directly after the end of that chapter.

Now click here: Harbinger Epilogue

Once you have read the epilogue above, then you’re ready to dive into the added prologue to The Broken Dream.

Click here: The Broken Dream Prologue

Ian is sincerely grateful to Lugar Común for its flexibility in allowing those who have already sought out and read the beginning of Northern Fire to have access to this material. He also hopes you have enjoyed these extras.

Just to reiterate, if you already have Ian’s independently released Harbinger, DON’T buy The Broken Dream.

You will, however, want to get a hold of the third volume, The Winter Wars, which was released earlier this year.