This is a website dedicated to the writing of Ian H. McKinley, an author of Fantastic Realism, or fantasy in which alignments or collisions of human interests and values drive the narrative rather than clashes of pure good against ultimate evil. In his Fantastic Realism, the characters are driven by the same things that drive real people: love, hate, greed, ambition, yes, honour, but also fear and yearning.

Ian is a career diplomat with Global Affairs Canada who has served abroad in Colombia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and at the Canadian Mission to the U.N. in New York. He speaks English, French, and Spanish, and can say hello in Shona and Swahili.

More importantly than being a civil servant, Ian is a proud supporter of his local Humane Society in addition to being a fan of Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League. Given his affection for the Reds, he duly adopted Independiente Santa Fe as his Colombian team. He cheers for the Vancouver Whitecaps here in North America. His other interests include travelling, the outdoors, gastronomy, music, cinema, and gaming with his friends. Oh, and literature, of course.

Ian is a proud member of the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick (wfnb.ca) and the Sunburst Award Society that promotes Canadian literature of the fantastic (sunburstaward.org)

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