The Rune Slate

(Coming in October 2021)

Thay, Lora, and Cairn seize the initiative in the war against their old foe Korgash. Drawing on Sea Wolf tactics, they take the fight onto the rivers of the Northlands, harrying Korgash’s shipping, destroying his food supplies, razing the homes and temples of his home province.

And yet, such raids can bring them no closer to liberating oar mates enslaved in Straeland and they remain locked in a deadly war. Then there is the unresolved matter of avenging themselves upon Korgash for the death of their friend Lars.

Lora, prompted by the prophesy that came to her in Polgatia’s throne room, hatches a plan to humiliate Korgash and force him to accept a one-on-one duel to the death that will end the Winter War. But all plans conceived by mortals cannot stand before the will of the Gods. A fireball blazing through the sky proclaims that Rulla, Dealer of Fates, has drawn a new rune slate.

Whose wyrd has changed? What is this new fate? Does it foretell glory or spell disaster? Lora doesn’t know. But she does know all will be settled on the Night of the Bjerndyr, when the barrier betwixt mundane and spirit worlds grows thin and the mythical were-bear takes human form and stalks the world of men.