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The Polgati fear they are entering perilous times. They look south and detect trouble. The Straelish Queen appears to have  commanded her ambitious new oberherg of the north, Korgash Hasselmann, to prepare for war. Korgash is railing in public against Polgatia for killing proselytizing priests of Galivith, as well as for giving succour to necromancers and Thorn People bent on spreading evil in Straeland. Princess Oda, ever the ally of Korgash and now the Queen’s sister-in-law, is travelling from manse to manse to ensure that the hergs of the north will raise their banners and fill their granaries quickly. It does not bode well for peace.

Polgatia’s ruler reaches out to the Drovers of the taiga to bargain for three hundred of their famous horses to bolster his cavalry. His brother, the Dark Prince, extends his tentacles and pulls in troubling reports from his network of spies. Even more troubling, though, is that someone seems to be undertaking a campaign to murder Korgash’s spies in Polgatia’s capital city.

Could it be that there really is a necromancer bringing death to Korgash’s agents in the alleyways and under the darkened bridges of Sar Danskaya? Could it be that the “Thorn People” against whom Korgash rails could be some Wicked Westerners that arrived in Polgati some years previously? Could the woman among them have seduced young Prince Kilsoff, a scion of a junior branch of the royal family?

When events spiral out of control, with assassins and armies unleashed in one fell stroke, a war band arises to confront the menace. Will its determined commanders and its valorous actions turn the tide against Korgash, or will it be offered up to the Straelish noble in order to broker peace? When the time comes to settle scores, who will do the settling, and against whom?

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