Although The Gallows Gem of Prallyn and the Northern Fire duo-logy (Harbinger & The Winter Wars) are set in the same world, they are each stand-alone stories. 

The Gallows Gem of Prallyn

Welcome to Prallyn, capital city of Thrylland, a rich land of rolling sub-tropical lowlands and cool highlands that abut the Dragonhoek Mountains. Prallyn is filled with intrigue and tension as competing factions of the nobility position themselves to exert control over King Jerryn. The princes of the Guardian Church are also locked in a bitter debate over the rumoured corruption within the Ecclesiastical Guard. Meanwhile, the common citizenry struggles to make a living in an increasingly dysfunctional society. 

Heat wave and drought have turned the city into a roiling pot and those most involved in the city’s intrigue must navigate the many pitfalls and their wily enemies, calling on their honour, desire, ambition, greed, love, pride, or piety to guide them. When excessive plotting and sudden class tensions are added to the mix, the pot boils over. Citizens fight citizens, the Ecclesiastical Guard comes to blows with Thrylland’s army, and those who can profit from chaos the most spring into action. As events threaten to collide catastrophically, can the one man with the well-being of the kingdom at heart prevent disaster, or is he driving events for his own purposes?

In Prallyn, you will encounter a society with all the necessary threads of civilization woven through it. You will also get glimpses into the complex societies of the Altapi, so-called savages eking out a living in the mountains, as well as the Baranthu, traders and wielders of a dying magic. Visit The Gallows Gem of Prallyn


Travel from Thrylland clear across to the other side of the world and meet four young Fjordlanders born on the same night to different mothers. The folk of Krannogberg believe that Rulla, the Dealer of Fates, has bestowed a glorious rune upon them, if only they survive the raids of the Jarlags and their rite of passage, voyaging with the Sea Wolves.

The longboats of the SeaWolves carry them far beyond their own land to a place where they must learn about their people’s traditions. However, not only Rulla has taken an interest in them, so too has Tanat the Rogue, for whom the sagas only exist to entertain Him. Disaster befalls them and they find themselves cut-off from their new clan. Henceforth they must survive on their own wits. As they make for home, they encounter Elkor, a misshapen outcast who forces them to re-evaluate everything they ever understood about their identity.

Pursued by a Straelish lord, Korgash Hasselmann, who sees the opportunity offered by “defending” the land from Elkor and Thorn People (what the Straelings call the Fjordlanders).  Having Rulla select a special fate for you is marvellous, but only if the whole notion of prophesy or fate is true. What if events conspire to make you doubt that you will live long enough to enjoy any future at all? What then? Visit Harbinger

The Winter Wars

The Winter Wars Cover

The Polgati fear they are entering perilous times; they look south with fear. The ambitious new Straelish Seginard Korgash Hasselmann is apparently preparing for war, railing in public against Polgatia for harbouring a Necromancer bent on spreading evil in Straeland. Polgatia’s ruler reaches out to the Drovers of the taiga to bargain for three hundred of their famous horses to bolster his army. His brother, the Dark Prince, is hearing troubling reports from his network of spies that Korgash is gathering arms and hurrying to bring in the harvest. Even more troubling, though, is that someone seems to be undertaking a campaign to murder Korgash’s spies in Polgatia’s capital city.

Could it be that there really is a necromancer bringing death to Korgash’s agents in the alleyways and under the darkened bridges of Sar Danskaya? Or could it have aught to do with some Wicked Westmen that arrived in Polgatia the previous year? Could the woman among these Wickeders have seduced a young prince of the royal family?

Events spiral out of control, and both armies and assassins are unleashed in one fell stroke. Amid this confusion, a war band arises to confront the menace to Polgatia. Will its determined commander and the valorous actions of the war band turn the tide against Korgash, or will it be offered up to the Straelish noble in order to broker peace? When the time comes to settle scores, who will do the settling, and against whom? Visit The Winter Wars

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