This has been bugging me for a while. No new blog entries in a very long time. 

What to say? 

There was a lot going on: a move from Colombia back to Canada, dropping work in the mother ship of Canada’s foreign ministry to follow my wife for her career, the discovery of a new part of my country in which I now live, the organization of a new home, and, after a summer of inactivity (see the listing earlier), a concerted sprint to bring Harbinger to publication. 

That’s what.

Happy New Year to all. We’re now in 2016. We have moved to the Maritimes. It’s the first very cold day of the winter as night gives way to day. Nature is presenting us a scene of beauty beyond the usual. The golden sunrise is glimmering off white, snow-clad trees. It is a time of reflection. It is a time for typing something for the blog.

Above all, I hope that 2016 is a more peaceful year globally. Of course there will be many conflicts … I just hope they are fewer and of less barbarity. I hope that allows the world to contain and/or diminish the scope of those that remain.

I also hope for good health. This I know requires more effort from me! I hope my exercise routine hardens and intensifies. The new year has started out reasonably in this regard.

Harbinger, Book I of Northern Fire, is nearly done, done, done, done, done(ish). My editor and I have pulled it all apart and I have worked hard to put it all back together again. Final read-throughs are under way and it has already gone out to a cabal of beta readers to harvest impressions and reports of typos! The New Year will be dominated by looking for a printer, coordinating cover lay-outs, reviewing proofs, coordinating eBook formatting. I’ll be very busy indeed.

But I am not writing anything original.

Editing necessitates original writing, but a sentence here, a paragraph there, or at most a page or two of new material to fill some gap or explain better some odd dynamic that is affecting the narrative. I do not feel like I have written, really written, since April, when I was still in Colombia. So that is something that I hope the new year brings to me. I note I wrote this as if the new year were an animate entity that could take actions by itself. Of course, it isn’t, and I won’t do any original writing unless I carve out the time necessary to do so. So … here’s hoping I am disciplined enough to succeed.

I also hope this is the year I devote the time and effort necessary to find a publisher. Being independent is all fine and great, but my successes will remain micro-successes until such a time as I have a publishing house’s distribution and marketing capabilities behind me.

I also hope that those of you who have taken the time to follow my writing activities are successful in reaching your own ambitions for 2016.