Well, yesterday was certainly a busy day! We officially launched The Gallows Gem of Prallyn in The Pub in Usaquén, Bogotá. I can’t imagine too many Canadian literary works getting unveiled in South America! It was a great day and I’d like to thank our volunteers for making it possible. 

My heartfelt thanks goes out to: 

Darren Rogers, our Master of Ceremonies;

Felipe Ospina, our wonderful musician;

Lukas Côté, our Master at Arms;

Carolina Perrera, our Photographer;

Daniel Macias, our Public Relations Networker; and,

Dawn Reynolds, our Cashier.

Finally, I have to recognize that the day simply would never have been even a remote possibility without the dedication, hard work and support of Josée. Merci Bonita!

You can see from the photos that Jo forced me to shave prior to the event (she couldn’t wait for Movember to end!). I was kept hopping for all three hours of the launch, frantically dedicating books. In the end, we sold 84 or thereabouts. Everyone seemed in a good mood. Josée was a glittering star!

Thanks to everyone who turned out to support me. I am deeply touched!