I have been in contact over the past few weeks with a group of English language writers here in Bogotá. They invited me as a guest writer to their next meeting, but I had an exercise to do. I gather that they have been working on something they call “flash fiction,” short stories with a beginning a middle and an end, of exactly 100 words (not counting the title). The exercise for next week is to include one of the city’s icons, ideally in the protagonist role.

So I wrote the attached story tonight. The Black Prince

It’s the first non-work related writing I have done that’s not in my fantasy world for some time. Those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis (ie. all ONE of me), will instantly know where this comes from (see the picture below and the blog posting of April 17).

I attach it here for your perusal. I would dearly welcome any and all comments.

Pinot, I love you. I miss you so much.