After a two week interruption of internet service, Josée has managed to get us back on-line. Beware the perils of telecommunications service providers in this wonderful country! After a false start on fibre from ETB, we’re back to Claro, spending even more money than before!

Being off-line may have meant fewer blog entries and fiddling with the website, but it did help me concentrate on writing. I managed to get about three chapters written for The Winter Wars, bringing Part Three: The Journey to a close and making a good start on what hopefully is the last part, The Ambitions Of Men. I can see the finish line ahead of me now and I sincerely hope to give myself a birthday present by completing the book by my birthday in mid-September. We’ll see.

I’ve asked Stephane Pham to start work on cover art for both parts of Northern Fire, so it’ll be good to see how that pans out. He’s in the process of moving to South Africa, so that will take a bit of time. Perhaps by October I’ll be able to replace the photos of the Serengeti on the Books page with new cover art.

Josée is looking into getting some physical copies printed for The Gallows Gem so that we could do a book launch when we go live with it on whatever bookseller portal I finally decide offers the best exposure for me. Exciting times! I really get the sense that I am on the edge of being a published author, albeit via direct publishing!

In order to drive a bit more interest in the imminent publication of the Gallows Gem, I updated the website today by uploading three more free chapters of the book. I invite you to get yourself immersed in Thrylland’s capital city!

Best of all, today I got an e-mail from my niece, Lauryn, noting her surprise that I have written one novel and am writing two more. She marvelled at how she never knew and wants to get to know me better! What a pleasant surprise! Lauryn, I’ll be in touch soon.

Stay tuned!

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