Josée just finished re-reading Gallows Gem for the first time in many years. She caught about fifteen freaking typos! HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN? Let me explain…

Over the roughly six years writing the book, I poured over every single section again and again and again! Then, when I finally had a first working draft finished, I read it a couple of times, looking for mistakes, finding enough to make me pay great attention to catching and correcting them. Then, about thirty people read the manuscript and, at my specific request, marked the typos they found. Each one of them found roughly fifty and the grand irony is that most of them were different from the ones that the other readers found. So, that ferreted out about, say, one thousand more typos. Then I worked for a year on the book with a copy editor. Linda helped me identify a slew of others. I re-submitted the polished bits to her as I went along and rejoiced at my success. Finally I re-read the damned thing again a couple of times to try it out on successive ebook readers (and I don’t actually recall finding any typos).

So, for Josée to pick up the book and find over a dozen typos blows my mind. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? An interesting thing occurred as we went over them last night; she pointed out a sentence where I had duplicated the word “the,” putting one right after the other (okay, strictly speaking maybe that’s not a typo). I couldn’t see the sentence, but she pointed to the screen and I read it aloud … my brain skipped over the second “the.” I honestly didn’t even see it until she pointed to the successive words on the screen.

All I can do is shake my hed.