Prince Pinot is dead. Long live Prince Pinot.

In the Acknowledgements part of Harbinger (as yet unseen by the world), I included the following text:

There are two others I would like to acknowledge, because their love also kept me going. Sanja, our strange but lovely girl. She is the “cat” that looks like a German Shepherd on the home page of my website. Her brother, Pinot, is the “cat” who looks like a black Labrador. In our family, he plays the role of aloof royalty (Prince Pinot, Lord of Pine Hill, Baron of Bogota, etc. etc.) but he is actually a really sweet guy. Thanks for helping make my life worth living.

With a heart as heavy as a Fjordlander longboat anchor, I realize that I will have to re-write that section. While we were away on a few days’ break up in Florida, the pet hotel where we had lodged our wonderful dogs screwed up and gave Pinot a double dose of insulin, triggering a series of events that ended up with him dying while under surgery to address an intestinal torsion. Josée and I are heartbroken. He was a wonderful dog. He was the spark of life in the house - or perhaps more accurately, whenever we went out of the house, because he was always a bit amorphous inside. He was the smartest dog I had ever had, able to identify all the names for all his toys, able to think through problems that we would put to him, and able to track us down no matter how well we hid from him during our hide and seek games.

He will be sorely missed. 

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